Lingam Massage in Bangkok

What is Lingam Massage? Lingam is a Sanskrit word Hindu refers to the male sexual organ. A completely accurate translation, correct enough to explore “Wand of light”. In Tantra, as we know, the vision we have of the penis is different from the one typically had in the West. In India and Tantra, the penis is seen in an honorable manner and and respected as a true “light wand” that channels creative energy and pleasure to be Male,Like all tantric massage related retraining, massage biotantrico idea goes far beyond the simple sexual enjoyment of the moment.

The intention is to create a space of comfort and relaxation for the receiver, a space in which the pleasure he perceives through his lingam is multiplied numerous times.

Lingam Massage  Time Incall Outcall
Pelvic area, testicle ,Bottom,HJ 1 Hour 1,400.00 NO
90Mins. 1,800.00 NO