Prostate Massage in Bangkok

Having a prostate massage in Bangkok, Thailand is one of the most enjoyable things to do, both for reasons of pleasure and health. An erotic prostate massage is one of the most highly sensual therapies you can try. Done properly by a trained and qualified masseuse the sensations it generates can be quite intense.

The prostate is a very important gland based between the anal canal and the whole sexual cycle is all part of this important gland, it is vital for many reasons for sexual hormones, sex drive, and how it can be stimulated with fingers using protective glove, using slow movements to start with and improving the circulation just like most organs need gentle stimulation and activity, to activate and re energise any stagnant energy. Sex hormones are created which is the mans life force, from time to time as man gets older the improvement of circulation becomes more vital and effective, in order to maintain good health.

This treatment can be done in many different ways. Each one is unique depending on the lady who is providing it and also how comfortable the receiver likes to be. After giving you a nice relaxing massage the masseuse will start to stroke and caress your inner thighs.  She will then gently and slowly enter her finger into your anus each time getting deeper with the feelings get more intense. She will reach your prostate gland which she will gently massage.  This of course can produce quite intense and enjoyable sensations for the receiver.

Prostate Massage  Time Incall Outcall
Prostate grand between penis & anal are bottom massage and testicle massage ,hj 1 Hour 1,400.00 NO
90Mins. 1,800.00 NO